The late Don E. Carpenter, longtime Barnesville Exempted Village School District Board of Education member, was honored by representatives of the Ohio School Boards Association. Richard C. Lewis, Executive Director of the OSBA presented a resolution “honoring the life and accomplishments of Carpenter on behalf of the OSBA” to Carpenter’s widow, Carol and his family at the Thursday, March 20 school board meeting.  Paul D. Mock, Southeast Regional Manager, also presented a certificate of recognition to the family.
Lewis said he always looked forward to seeing Carpenter at meetings and conferences, and would miss him. “He was respected and embraced. He had that connection with  everyone.”
 “The children’s future was in no better hands,” Lewis said. “Don was a leader among leaders.”
Lewis said it was impossible to measure Carpenter’s influence in public education. “The lives of students will forever be changed by him and for that we are grateful and proud.”
Mock said Carpenter was a member of the executive committee of the southeast region for 22 years. Mock said he first met Carpenter in 1993, when they were both school board members. “What impressed me most about Don, is that he is what a board member should be,” Mock said. “Don cared about the school district, not himself. Don’s voice went well beyond this district.” Mock said Carpenter met with legislators in Washington and Columbus. “Your message was heard in Columbus,” he said.
Ruth Nau, southeast region board member, said, “He was a down-to-Earth person. It was an honor to work with him. I learned a lot from him.”
Superintendent Randy Lucas said he was reminded of Carpenter’s passing every day through activities at the school that Carpenter would have attended. “We do our best to make him proud,” Lucas said.
Mock said the region was the smallest in number of school districts, with 84 in 18 counties, but largest geographically. The regions’s annual fall conference will be held September 25th at Alexander High School in New Albany, Ohio.
Refreshments were provided by the culinary arts students.
Lucas announced that Angela Hannahs was recognized by the Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools for her outstanding work as principal of the Barnesville Elementary School last year. Lucas said Hannahs was honored at CORA’s recent meeting and received a certificate and recognition from her peers.
Barnesville High School senior Kody Zack addressed the board on behalf of 160 students who signed a petition in support of having open lunch. Zack told board members that allowing students to have lunch off-campus would: allow them to show responsibility, support the local economy and be a great motivational tool for students.
The board was presented with design plans and a proposed budget for a new bus garage. Treasurer Matt King said $400,000 had been set aside for the project from the district’s oil and gas lease. After some discussion, the board decided to take time to look at the options to lower the estimated cost of the project which exceeded the budgeted amount.  Lucas cautioned the board that the decision should be made in time for the project to begin this summer.
The architect also talked about the roof replacement projects that will be advertised for bidding soon and will begin shortly after the end of the school year.
 The board approved a signed, tentative agreement between the board and the Barnesville Association of Classified Employees.
John Blattler was issued a three-year limited contract as Director of Support Services, effective April 21, 2014 through July 31, 2017.
The board issued a probationary one-year limited contract to George Hoover as 210-day groundskeeper/floater effective April 22 and a one-year limited contract to Mike Merritt as custodian.
Serena Travis was approved as substitute nurse for the school year. Nichole Clouse was approved as a substitute teacher.
The board accepted the retirement of Joyce Toohey as high school aide and the retirement of Edward Emory as middle school custodian, both effective May 31, 2014.
The board issued a classified limited one-year contracts beginning with the 2014-2015 school year and pending the conclusion of the procedures required by Ohio Law for hiring a retiree to Joyce Toohey and Edward Emory.
The board approved Katherine Hoover as an On Board Instructor (OBI) for Barnesville Schools.
Tony Ciroli and Amanda Wahl were was approved as volunteer assistant track coaches.
The Superintendent recommends the Board of Education adopt Resolution #14-14 Interdistrict Open-Enrollment guidelines for the 2014-2015 school year. The board also approved the preschool guidelines for the 2014-2015 school year.
The board approved the elementary, middle and high school Emergency Operation Plans.
The board approved the 2014 After-Prom at Barnesville High School on Saturday, April 12. All supervised activities have been planned and organized by the Barnesville Mother’s Club.
The board approved the 2014 Senior class trip to Great Wolf Lodge Resort and Kings Island, in Cincinnati on May 1- 3, 2014.
 The board approved the calendar for the 2014-2015 school year.
Josh Moore was appointed by the board as its representative to attend the annual Belmont College Caucus on Monday, April 21, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. in the Belmont-Harrison Career Center Board Room.
The board approved the following donations/grants for the month of February: $30 to Barnesville Schools from the American Legion (in memory of Don Carpenter); $100 from Barnesville Kiwanis to the Washington DC Trip and $50 to the high school Ohio Graduation Test award and $100 from the Cattleman’s Association to the FFA.
The board adopted Resolution #14-15 to approve the amounts and rates determined by the Budget Commission for FY2015:
General Fund — 3.90 Inside Mills = $569,000; 36.55 Outside Mills =  $3,170,000 and  40.45 Total Millage =  $3,739,000; Bond Retirement Fund    2.50 Mills = $360,000; Classroom Maintenance Fund 0.50 Mills = $55,000.
The board approved purchase order #46229 in the amount of $3,000 for FY2014 alternative school educational services provided by Sargus Juvenile Center and a corresponding “Then and Now Certificate”.
The board approved a three-year contract with JIVE Communications for VOIP phone services.