The Buckeye Buckmasters Chapter of the BADF (Buckmasters American Deer Foundation) recently hosted a hunt for 9/11 Veteran Brendan Fitzpatrick.  The hunt took place at the club’s leased property in Muskingum County Ohio during the state’s  new early antlerless  muzzleloader season back in October.
Brendan, who currently lives in Washingtonville, N.Y., was a first responder to the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center on 9/11/01.  Being a Lieutenant with the NYPD, Brendan was commanding a group of about 60 fellow officers and was preparing to give orders to enter one of the buildings when the windows began exploding from it on the top floor.  Knowing what was about to happen, Brendan gave quick orders to evacuate the area thus saving the lives of all 60 of the men.
 “Imagine running as fast as you can, and then being swept off your feet by the most unbelievable hurricane-like concussion you can imagine and then being thrown into total darkness, dust and oblivion,” Brendan said, describing the attack.  
Being a member of the US Coast Guard also, Brendan answered his call of duty and was stationed at the Trade Center a couple of days later.  In his time off, he remained at Ground Zero working in bucket brigades, searching for the missing. The exposure to dust, smoke and fumes during several months there took its toll and left Brendan with a significant loss in respiratory function.  He is now rated 70% disabled by the VA.  Brendan is retired from both the NYPD and US Coast Guard and now teaches on-line terrorism preparedness classes for a local institution.  
Brendan lost a lot of friends and even some family on that terrible, fateful day, but hasn’t let the tragedy consume him.  He enjoys spending time with his family and pursuing his passion in the outdoors as much as his body will allow him.
With the help of his new-found Buckmasters buddies, Brendan was able to harvest a nice whitetail doe with his muzzleloader.  Ever a believer in paying it forward, he donated the deer to Project Venison so that some other disadvantaged person might benefit from the offering.  
“Our club does a lot to help the Department of Natural Resources with wildlife conservation and hunter education, but there’s nothing like helping people, especially someone like Brendan Fitzpatrick,” said Chapter President, Shane Skinner.
The Buckmasters presented Brendan with a new TC Impact scoped muzzleloader, the first he has ever owned, as a token of their appreciation for his sacrifices and service to our country.  Proceeds from the Chapter’s annual charity dinner banquet, fund several projects like this every year.  For information on attending this year’s banquet on 9-20-14 at the Barnesville Elks Lodge, contact Shane Skinner at 740-310-1677.