Photos by Charlie Robb
 As Hollywood prepared to celebrate films with the annual broadcast of the Academy Awards Sunday, budding filmmaker and Barnesville native Gage Hanlon brought  a taste of Hollywood to residents who served as extras or just observed the making of “The Pinewood Man”,  his senior college project for the Savannah College of Art and Design.  Filming inside and outside the First Presbyterian Church on East Main and Church streets took place Saturday and Sunday.
Shown on Sunday is James Madio, talented actor from HBO’s Band of Brothers, The Basketball Diaries, and the upcoming Clint Eastwood-directed feature film Jersey Boys. Madio plays the main character, Frank, who believes he can win over his wife by getting a 1st place finish for his son at the Boy Scout Pinewood Derby. The dark, yet funny story was written by Hanlon’s friend, fellow Ohioan Ryan Dyson.
Hanlon (in plaid shirt) directs Madio, Barnesville Police officers and many local extras, including his father, Ted Hanlon. The 15-minute short film is set in Barnesville in the 1990s.
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