Ongoing and upcoming projects at Barnesville Memorial Park topped the agenda of Barnesville Village Council at the Monday, Feb. 24 meeting.
Village Administrator Roger Deal updated council members on the multi-use community center feasibility study. He provided council members with minutes of the last meeting with Poggemeyer Design Group which was held at Barnesville Hospital on February 13th.
Deal said architects from Poggemeyer have requested a work session with council, scheduled for Thursday, March 20 at 5 p.m. in Deal’s office. The next public meeting will be scheduled after the work session is held.
Deal said a project by Tango Gatti to replace the roof of the Albert S. George Youth Center at the park had been delayed by weather, but began that day and would likely be completed by Wednesday.
Council President Dale Bunting thanked the family of  the late Wanda Johnson, whose bequest made the updating of the kitchen and bathrooms at the youth center possible.
“It is worth taking a look at, if you haven’t seen it,” Deal said.
A contract with Pyrotechnics by Presutti, Inc. of Bellaire to provide the village’s annual July 4th celebration fireworks was approved, as long as enough donations are received from the public to defray the $5,000 cost. Barnesville’s fireworks celebration is set for Saturday, July 5.
Bunting asked council to approve an estimated $5,149.50 project to replace the ceiling at the Mother’s Club Shelter at the park. Bunting said that over the last few years, mildew and moisture have warped the ceiling and caused the ceiling fans to droop.  An estimate was received to replace the ceiling tiles, re-paint, replace the ceiling fans and fix a leak in the chimney.
Bunting said the project could be funded, at least in part, with money left over from donations to the park.
Council approved a project to install a bulk water machine at the gas station on State Route 800 North. Bunting said the idea was discussed at a recent water and sewer committee meeting.
Deal said most of the material for the machine had been delivered and he was waiting for good weather to have the machine assembled.
Bunting said the machine will be one-sided for now.  Deal said the machine would be located on the south side of the station, however, customers would pull in the north side and drive around to access it.
Village Solicitor Marlin Harper was drafting a lease and working on the legalities and insurance requirements for the machine.
“It should work out well,” Deal said.
Deal said phase III of the sanitary sewer rehabilitation project began Monday. Crews were in town cleaning and video recording the sewers in preparation to re-line them. Deal said residents in those areas were advised of the activity.
Deal gave council copies of the Environmental Protection Agency-mandated consumer confidence report which was mailed to village water customers. Deal hand delivered them to apartment residents. Other villages and towns that purchase water from Barnesville were given copies to reproduce for their customers.
Deal gave council members a copy of an article talking about the Ohio Department of Transportation’s failure to obtain bids for the stockpiling of road salt. Deal said he did recently receive two salt shipments and thanks to Belmont Mills, received enough grit to fill the bin.
Potholes were another topic. Deal said the village set aside $50,000 for paving and had $60,000 in county funds available. He said the county funds were typically used for grant matches, however the village did not receive a state grant for paving for this year. He asked council to decide if they wanted to use village funds for a large paving project. Deal said he would prepare a paving plan to submit to council. He noted that ODOT would be paving both lanes of State Route 147 through the village.
“It will be a really nice project,” Deal said.
Council formally passed Ordinance 3651 (passed at the February 10 meeting) increasing the number of authorized police officers to eight.
Fire Chief Bob Smith gave the annual report for the fire and emergency departments. He said that in 2013 there were 217 fire runs, a total of $272,000 in loss due to structure fires in the village, 364 e-squad transfers and 641 9-1-1 calls for a total of 905 e-squad runs.
Deal invited council members to attend the village’s annual safety meeting held on Tuesday at the senior center. Village employees received prizes for the number of years in which they had no lost time accidents. Prizes included: first aid kit for one year; umbrella for second year; jacket for three years (none presented this year); folding chair for four years and blankets for the fifth year. Artworks printed the blankets with the Barnesville Safety Council logo. Rocky McGee, exercise psychologist at Barnesville Hospital, presented a program about exercise at the safety meeting.
A building permit for the Hartley Company (Starfire) on East Main Street was approved for the replacement of pumps, concrete and piping work. Chief Smith said the company is also removing and remodeling the hood system over the gas pumps.
An executive session was held for possible litigation. Councilman Scott Gallagher requested a safety meeting for March 12 at 6 p.m. in the fire station.