Ten Years Ago – 2003
Three children of John and Madge Bradfield were present when the portrait of the founder of First National Bank was presented to the Belmont County Historical Society. For years, the portrait appropriately hung in the directors/president room of the former First National Bank.
Buckeye Steel has installed large B H S letters on the hill overlooking the high school. The letters, each six-feet wide and 10-feet tall, took about five hours to install. They will eventually be lighted and painted. The idea for the project came from the class of 2000.
Village council will pursue purchasing 531 N. Chestnut Street, derelict mansion, under the Land Reutilization Program. The property was once the proud home of Fred and Mary Graves.
Passages include Carl M. Van Fossen, 87, retired coal company owner and employee of R & F Coal, and Charles B. Lippert, 89, Watt Car retiree.
Crocks featuring a drawing of the new Barnesville Middle School are now on sale.   
Barnesville’s Junior Women’s Club has donated $1,850 from their recent barbeque to the Barnesville Area Rails to Trails Committee.

Twenty-five Year Ago – 1988w
Two of the artists featured at this Saturday’s popular Arts and Crafts Festival are Harley Warrick, Mail Pouch barn painter, and Gary Wershing of Temperanceville, “The Iron Duke”.
Bob Butts, teacher, coach, and administrator during his 24-year career in education, is named superintendent of the Union Local School District.
Work surfacing the new tennis courts and resurfacing and extending the basketball courts at Memorial Park is nearing an end. The Ohio Valley Paving Company is contractor.
Passages this week include Ralph C. “Peeeny” Willis, 69, retired grocery store owner, and Richard B. Justice, 49, chief justice at the Belmont County Sheriff’s Office.
Mr. and Mrs. John Martin of Wharton Road, Barnesville, mark their 60th wedding anniversary.
The wedding of Miss Melissa L. Homol and Mr. Samuel L. Shuman will take place June 25 at the Memorial Park amphitheater.

 Fifty Years Ago – 1963
Village Council is looking for tenants for the four-room second story apartment in the municipal building. The lucky tenant will get rent free for serving as custodian of city hall.
Four school board members witness the graduation of their children – William Young and son, Bill; Mrs. William Nesbitt and son, Bill; Charles Shepherd and daughter, Diane; and William Doudna and daughter, Kathy. Only board member John D. Kirk did not have a youngster receiving a diploma.
Olney’s commencement is set for Saturday; 21 will graduate.
John Campbell, local funeral director, is elected to the Barnesville Hospital board of trustees.
The following classes held reunions as part of the larger alumni banquet – 1913, 1918, 1943, and 1958.
Geraniums available at reduced prices and petunias, 60 cents a dozen. Also in stock is a good supply of vegetable plants, cabbage and tomatoes - Euclid Floral, 137 Euclid Avenue.
H.C. Plumly and Son will start excavation work for the new Chestnut Lanes this coming week.
Somerton – The Masonic Order #354 will serve its annual Strawberry Supper at the Masonic Hall Saturday, June 6th at 8 p.m.

Seventy-five Years Ago – 1938
Sunday night fire destroyed the former Popular Cigar Factory on Harrison Street between Broadway and Gardner. At one time it was feared the Standard Oil Company bulk facility would also burn.
A former Shannon Hotel clerk, age 40, took his own life by swallowing strychnine. He was despondent over the loss of his job and disappointment in love.
City council votes to try a new system called “parallel parking” to reduce Main Street congestion.
The Arcade Ladies Ready-to-Wear Shop is closing out its stock after losing its lease. The A & P Store will move into the building shortly.
The Grand Opening under new management of The Black Horse Inn, Morristown will take place Saturday, June 11. An excellent orchestra will perform every Saturday and Sunday night.

 One Hundred Years Ago – 1913
From the Whetstone
The Sun Brothers Circus will present here on June 19 under 10 acres of tents, including 25 up-to-date clowns, two high class bands, a European trained animal tourney, and regal blue ribbon horse fair all contained in two performances at 2 and at 8 in the evening.
Base Ball – Martin’s Ferry “Anchor Inn” vs. Barnesville, Friday and Saturday, June 6-7. Game called at 2:30. Admission 25 cents, Ladies & Children, 15 cents.
Will Kealey has returned from Clarksburg where he has been working during the last “fire” in the window glass factory. He will spend the summer with his family on S. Gardner.
The banquet of the High School Alumni in honor of the class of 1913 took place at the Presbyterian Church Tuesday evening.
The school taught by Miss Adda Bernhard held a picnic in Tedrick’s Grove west of town Tuesday afternoon.  
About 70 young people took the noon B & O train for Barnesville Saturday for the annual field meet of the several athletic associations of high schools. Wheeling, Martins Ferry, Bridgeport, Bellaire, Shadyside and St. Clairsville were represented by the Riverfront says the Democrat newspaper.
“Quaker” brand bread will hit the spot – offered by Mantz’s Modern Bakery, 134 W. Main.
Twice Told Tales is compiled by Bruce Yarnall, former general manager of the Barnesville Enterprise. He can be reached at bayarnall@yahoo.com