Council approved Poggemeyer Design Group, Inc, attending the meeting to discuss funding for a proposed community center, to also apply for a grant for Phase II of the villages water line project to the Division of Environmental Financial Assistance. Bob Jabot of Poggemeyer said the general plan and design for the project were already done. He said after submission, an answer would be received within 60-90 days.

After some discussion and the encouragement of Belmont County Port Authority Director Larry Merry, council decided to add a water line extension from Slope Creek to the grant application.

Ian Maute, representing WODA Group, LLC offered to answer any questions council had about an upcoming project to redevelop the Barnesville Commons. At the January 7 meeting, council approved a resolution showing their support of those plans. Maute said WODA has applied for funding from the Ohio Housing Finance Agency . He said plans for the redevelopment include new windows, doors, central heating, air conditioning and roof repair. Maute said access issues will be addressed to bring the properties up to current standards. He said the Barnesville Commons will be indistinguishable between new properties. Maute said there will be no permanent displacement of residents. They will be temporarily relocated to other apartments and when the project is finished, residents will have the option to return to their original apartment or stay in the one they were relocated to. He said the project will begin at the end of 2013 or the beginning of 2014 and take 10 to 11 months to complete.

Council approved pay ordinance 2 for $76,020.16 and an addition of $254.75. Ordinance 3585, providing additional compensation for e-squad billing, was passed with a retroactive date of December 4. Council also discussed a loan for a new e-squad vehicle. Fiscal Officer Darla Fuller said the loan was originally discussed at an October 1 work session and she would need to make sure that interest rates for the $131, 335 are still the same. Councilman Brad Hudson said he favored purchasing the vehicle from the departments fund, which currently contained $535,000, over borrowing the money. Fuller said the department had many new expenses this year compared to last year. Hudson said the department posted a $100,000 profit last year.

Council approved the mayor to sign a renewal yearly fire protection contract with Kirkwood Township. Fire Chief Bob Smith said the contact was the same as last year for $1,000 plus $50 per run to be paid by Kirkwood Township to the Barnesville Fire Department. Smith said the contact was signed by himself and the three trustees earlier that day.

Council approved building permits for Margie McMahon, 157 E. Main St., addition of an awning to a store front and Bill Nesbitt, addition of a porch to a residence.

Hudson again addressed the possibility of eliminating the fee for building permits and changing the structure of the ordinance. Hudson said he felt the current fee and application process prohibits people from upgrading and improving their properties.

Fuller said a portion of the fee pays for Chief Smith to inspect the building projects. Smith said the county would charge a fee, even if the village did not. Fuller said the county requests copies of the building permits.

Council approved Village Administrator Roger Deals request to pave the lower road of Crestview Cemetery, with the street department providing the labor for the project.

Deal said the project was long overdue and the project would be paid for from the cemetery endowment fund.

Council also discussed ways to invest and generate more interest from the 4.8 million the village has set aside from its recent gas and oil lease with Antero Resources.