QUAKER CITY Two Quaker City area residents are facing criminal charges after they reportedly ran from sheriffs deputies investigating alleged underage consumption during a party at an Amish-owned property on Shannon Run Road in eastern Guernsey County.

Charges are also pending against a 16-year-old girl who allegedly assaulted her mother at their Barker Road home after attending the same party.

Daniel Fisher, 19, and Own Fisher, 19, were both charged with underage consumption and obstructing official business following their arrest by Guernsey County sheriffs deputies at approximately 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

Daniel Fisher and Owen Fisher were released from the Guernsey County jail after posting bond. They are awaiting a hearing in the Cambridge Municipal Court to answer the charges.

The juvenile girl remained incarcerated in a Muskingum County juvenile detention facility, according to Sheriff Mike McCauley.

According to the sheriff, the incidents leading up to the arrests started when deputies conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle traveling on Putney Ridge Road.

The driver of the vehicle had not been drinking, but the occupants, who were of legal age, were reportedly intoxicated. They advised the deputies that they had been to a party at the Shannon Run Road property and underage individuals were consuming alcohol.

As deputies were attempting to locate the party, a call was received from a woman at a Barker Road residence advising she was assaulted by her daughter, who had been at the party for which deputies were searching.

Deputies responded to the home, but the juvenile girl had fled to a nearby residence.

Deputies went to the neighboring home to take the girl into custody, but she reportedly resisted efforts and assaulted deputies by kicking them.

She was detained and taken to a nearby cruiser which she then damaged by breaking an antenna.

While being transported to Southeastern Med for examination due to her level of intoxication, the girl reportedly kicked the windows inside the cruiser and caused additional damage.

Authorities reported her mother suffered visible injuries during the alleged assault by her daughter.

Once at the hospital, the girl reportedly continued to assault deputies and at least two nurses by kicking them. She was detained in shackles and later taken to the Muskingum County facility after being released from the hospital.

Deputies returned to the scene of the party and upon entering a barn, several individuals reportedly fled on foot into a nearby wooded area.

Deputies were able to apprehend Daniel and Owen Fisher and take them into custody.

The juvenile girl is reportedly on probation for prior unrelated offenses.

The party was located on the same property as a large party last summer that included more than 100 attendees and underage consumption.

McCauley said deputies expect to file additional charges as the investigation continues.