QUAKER CITY Village Council recently named a village lane after former Guernsey County Sheriff and longtime resident James Peanut Carpenter.

A sign declaring Peanut Lane, located at the loop that goes around the old school yard, was recently erected in honor of his service to the community.

In other news, council member Evan Hastings will serve as the council president for 2013. Hastings will replace former council president Michael Williams.

Standing committees were established and remain unchanged from the previous year.

Salaries for village employees were discussed. Council voted to keep the base pay for village employees at an hourly rate of $10 and to give a three percent pay increase to village employee Patrick Tracy and Fiscal Officer Crystal Vargo.

Fire department representative Gerry Shaffer reported that the department answered 234 calls last year and they have one person taking the intermediate first responders class. The department also plans to purchase a used capnography machine to monitor the concentration of carbon dioxide.

Council approved the annual appropriations for the new fiscal year. Council appropriated $68,018.70 from the general fund.

Council also passed an annual resolution allowing Fiscal Officer Vargo to transfer funds as needed throughout the year.

Council is continuing its search for the 25 year flood plan for their current sludge pit. If the plan shows the pits were not flooded during that length of time, the EPA will allow the village to use them for the new sewer plant. Mayor Philip Carpenter has made several contacts to secure this information.

Council discussed fire contracts and agreed that they would not be raised this year.

Council also discussed the sign displayed Broughton Park. Council discussed changing the name of the park.

The next meeting of the Quaker city Village Council will be held 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29.