At the Monday, Jan. 14 meeting of Barnesville Village Council members voted to appoint mayor Ron Bischof as the villages representative on the Joint Economic Development District II board. Village Administrator Roger Deal said Warren Township Trustees had appointed David Hissom as their representative on the board. The remaining members of the five-person board are to include one representative of a business located within the JEDD II, one representative of the employees of one of those businesses and a fifth member chosen by the other four. Deal said letters were sent to both businesses currently located in the JEDD II, Force Inc. and Chem Rock Technologies, LLC , informing them that they have two selections to make.

Both businesses provide services and/or products to the shale gas and oil industry. Chem Rock Technologies, LLCs corporate location is in Austin, Texas. They have stock points in Louisiana, Barnesville, Pennsylvania, Texas and Wyoming. According to their website, Chem Rock supplies a comprehensive range of chemical products and services to oil and gas operators and well service providers for stimulation and completion.

Belmont County Port Authority Director Larry Merry said that the board process for the JEDD II differed from the process for JEDD I (Eastern Ohio Regional Industrial Park) because there are businesses located within the JEDD II.

At Deals direction council also voted to re-appoint Joe Bradfield and Henry Burdette as the villages two representatives on the five-member Belmont County Regional Airport Authority board. Bradifields term will expire on Dec. 31, 2017 and Burdettes on Dec. 31, 2016.

At their Wednesday, Jan. 16 meeting, Belmont County Commissioners approved an annual allocation of $14,000 from the general fund to the BCRAA for Fiscal Year 2013.

Councilman Terry McCort said he was approached by the owner of a North Gardner Street businesses about the possibility of adding two parking spaces at the business. Last year council was approached by the previous owner of the building who said he would not be able to sell the building without the addition of the parking spaces. Council members and Police Chief David Norris looked at the area then and determined that parking would impede northbound school bus traffic and southbound vehicle traffic at the elementary school.

McCort said he was also approached about the condition of curbs on North Chestnut Street. Deal said curbs and sidewalks were the responsibility of property owners. Council has previously discussed establishing a fund to match money from property owners to help them pay for sidewalk and curb repairs.

Council approved the addition of John Singleton to the emergency squad. Chief Bob Smith said Singleton was already a member of the fire department.

Councilman Brad Hudson requested a safety meeting for Monday, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. at the firehouse.

Council President Dale Bunting read part of a letter from the Barnesville Exempted Village School District thanking the village, council and police department for stationing officers at all three school buildings in the days immediately following the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The letter also thanked village officials for their partnership with the district to hire school resource officer Chris Hanes.

In park business, it was noted that the Kiwanis shelter house is in need of repair.

Economic Development Director Bill Knox asked council to set aside time on the January 28 meeting agenda to discuss a proposed community recreation center.

Knox said it was time to reconsider the project and said a lot of preliminary work had been done on the proposal.

McCort said that a petition was being circulated by residents in support of the recreation center.

It seems like something the residents themselves are putting forward, McCort said.

Hudson said the 33-year-old outdoor pool at Barnesville Memorial Park was due for major repairs soon. It was also noted that the Albert S. George Youth Center is 50 years old.

There is a lot of opportunity for planning money without local matches, Knox said. There is a lot of excitement about this project.

Mayor Bischof asked if a community meeting should be held. Knox said public input was welcome and that a community meeting could also be held, but he wanted to make a presentation to council at the Jan. 28 meeting. The public is welcome to attend the meeting at 7 p.m. in council chambers of the municipal building on Arch Street.

Council passed Resolution 3586, a now and then purchase order for fire department/EMS expenses totaling $1,723.67; Ordinance 3587 establishing pay raises for various village employees; a pay ordinance for $72,046.52; an appropriation ordinance for $5,160, 612; Ordinance 3582, amending section 141.01, providing six days of holiday pay for police dispatchers and ordinance 3597 paying one-time holiday bonuses retroactive to December 17, 2013.