A project that began with the donation of land from Don and Carol Carpenter has now been completed with their recent donation of $9.821.81 The Carpenters recently donated the money for the purchase of new playground equipment at Temperanceville Park. Local children now have swings, a slide, a jungle gym, three riding toys and a basketball court.

Im glad we did it, said Carol. It will be really nice for the kids. She added that those renting the picnic shelter for family events will now have access to entertainment for their children.

The Somerset Township Trustees did a good job pulling the playground together, Carol said.

The shelter house and several picnic tables, as well as the installation of electricity and water for the park were made possible by a Community Development Block Grant through the Belmont County Commissioners.

Community service is nothing new for the Carpenters who are both active in the Belmont County Farm Bureau. Don was recently recognized by the Ohio School Board Association for his over 25 years of service on the boards of the Barnesville Exempted Village School District and the Belmont Harrison Joint Vocational School.