Students in Mrs. Torisevas second grade class at Barnesville Elementary School learned about Egypt through the eyes of Egyptian-born author D B Shultz and her book, The World Adventures of Sahara the Mummy - The magical exploration of Ancient Egypt.

Shultzs visit was part of student Logan Dodds presentation on Egypt. Each year, second grade students at Barnesville Elementary School learn about and present information on a country of their choice. Dodd chose Egypt because his aunt, Jill, knew Granville, Ohio resident Dina Shultz from her membership in the Granville Chamber of Commerce. Shultz, a full-time banker, joined the chamber to promote her books.

Mrs. Toriseva e-mailed Shultz and arranged for her to speak to students on Tuesday, Dec. 4. Shultz said she read her book to students at Worthington Hills Elementary School on Monday, Dec. 3 and at a Florida school the previous week.

Dina, who was born in Egypt and lived there as a child, wrote the book for her seven-year-old daughter, Melina.

Shultz said Melina was fascinated with ancient Egypt, but was too young to travel there at the time she began writing the book.

Melina is the main character in the book, which tells of a girls adventures with Sahara the mummy as they travel in a magic sarcophagus from the Egyptian Antiquities Museum to the pyramids of Giza where they meet the Sphinx.

The book is full of colorful characters and entertains the reader, while teaching them facts about Egypt.

Dina has written three other unpublished books in the Sahara the Mummy series.

The book, illustrated by Avery Liell-Koh, is available through The ISBN number is 978-1-4772-3310-8.

On her visit to BES, Shultz brought with her items from Egypt including a piece of papyrus, an example of the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic alphabet, a box containing sand from the Sahara dessert and other items. She also gave students bookmarks promoting the book.