Dog licenses went on sale Friday, November 30th, 2012. The last day to purchase a tag without penalty is January 31st, 2012. (Ohio Revised Code (955.05)

Any dog that is three months of age and you have owned for thirty days are required to have a license. Dog owners who moved into Belmont County have 30 days to acquire a tag also.

License fees are $12 per dog and kennel fees (five (5) or more dogs), are $60. It is very important that the tags are purchased before the January 31st deadline to avoid any penalty, Section 955.05 of the Ohio Revised Code states that all late filers will be charge a penalty of $12 per dog and $60 per kennel for each late filer.

The bottom part of the form can be torn on the perforated line so that part can be sent back into our office in order for us to issue the tag.

Licenses can be purchased at our office, the animal shelter, at any of our agents located throughout the county, through the mail, or online.

Agents located in our area are:

Do It Best HardwareBarnesville 425-1949

Senior Citizens Center Bethesda484-1416

Nathans Sports Shop Bellaire 676-4557

Chamber of Commerce Martins Ferry 633-2565

Mayors Office Powhatan Point 795-4201

All dog owners who purchased a dog license during 2012 will receive an application in the mail, if you do not receive an application please call our office at 740-699-2131.

There is a serve charge for all online dog licenses purchased. This is all handled by an outside agency and we will not have access to any credit card information. Once we receive the money and information from them we will then mail out your tag. This process may take up to two weeks in order for you to get your tag so be patient. To register your dog(s) on line go to click on dog license online.