The American Legion Riders Barnesville Post 168 is asking for community support in their effort to raise money to bring the American Veterans Traveling Tribute to Barnesville in May, 2014. Organizers plan to have the wall arrive on a Wednesday and leave on a Sunday. The AVTT will be an opportunity for the community to show their support to the men and women who made great sacrifices to protect our country.

AVTT ( is self funded via sponsorship fees, merchandise sales and donations. AVTT is contracted by The Texas Freedom Tribute (TFT), an IRS designated 501 C3, to provide The Wall, crew, and expertise. Donations or support to AVTTs mission via TFT are qualified charitable tax deductions.

AVTT was founded on the principles that American Heroes must be honored and remembered. Additionally, AVTT allows those without the means or ability to travel to our great national memorial sites to pay respect and share in the experience of honoring our heroes.

The Cost of Freedom Tribute includes:

An 80% replica Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall (360ft long/8ft tall at apex) flag display flown over the wall (14)

190ft of additional stand up display honoring all veterans and those serving today.

Each panel is a 4x8 panel on a W-96x H-72 frame.

2-4x8 panels Presidents /with photo.

1-4x8 panel-Ranks and Medals/Award.

3-4x8 panels WWII- 1 timeline/1 casualty by country/1 pictorial

2-4x8 panels Korea- 1 timeline and battle maps/ 1 pictorial and list of Medal of Honor recipients.

2-4x8 panels Vietnam timelines

2- 4x8 panels /1980-2000 U.S. conflicts and casualties listed. 1- 2x2 Operation Eagle Claw with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 El Salvador civil war with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 Invasion of Grenada with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 Bombing of Marine barracks in Beirut with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 Operation El Dorado Canyon with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 USS Stark with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 Invasion of Panama with casualty listing/ 2-2x2 Desert Shield Desert Storm with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 Somalia with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 Khobar, Saudi Arabia with casualty listing/ 1-2x2 USS Cole with casualty listing.

1-4x8 panel 9/11- 2-2x2 Pentagon and casualty list/2-2x2 Flight 93 and casualty list/ 2-2x2 Tower 1 and casualty listing/ 2- 2x2 Tower 2 and casualty listing.

6- 4x8 panels/ Global War on Terror. A collection of individual engraved gold dog tags depicting all casualties from the global war on terror.

1-4x8 panel/ Names and photos of all Ft. Hood victims.

2-4x8 panels/ Police and Fire/1-4x8 Police Pictorial/ 1-4x8 Firefighter Pictorial

1-2 sided 24in. x 36in. A-Frame/ 1-24x36 Police Casualty by state/1-24x36 Firefighter by state.

1-4x4 panel/ FBI panel with casualty listing.

8-2 sided 24 x 36 A-Frames/ 1-WWI plus statistics/ 1-Spanish American plus statistics/ 1-Korean War plus statistics/ 1-Civil War North plus statistics/ 1-WWII plus statistics/ 1-Civil War South plus statistics/ 1-Desert Storm plus statistics/ 1-War of 1812 plus statistics/ 1-Vietnam War plus statistics/ 1-Mexican War plus statistics/ 1-American Revolution plus statistics/ 1- Cost of Freedom/ 4-U.S. Conflicts listing plus statistics.

Standard schedule for an event is arrival and escort on Wednesday late afternoon/evening, set-up on Thursday and daily/nightly events until tear down on Sunday late afternoon/evening.

Tribute arrives in a 48 car hauler trailer pulled by a Chevrolet 3500 crew cab.

Trailer is graphically wrapped and is part of the overall visual aesthetics. It is a central location for our merchandise sales and name locator.

Name Locator: We provide two laptop computers that contain the databases for locating the names on the Wall and also a database to locate the names on the Gold Dog Tag display. Two hard copy books are also provided for locating the names on the Wall. We also provide a tent, table, and chairs for the volunteers working the locator.

For more information on booking an event with our Cost of Freedom Tribute, please contact our event coordinator at

The Legion Riders goal is to raise $17,000. Donations may be given to Legion Rider Vice President Jeff Warner or mailed to WesBanco, 230 E. Main St., Barnesville, OH. Checks may be made payable to American Veterans Traveling Tribute. They may also be taken to the American Legion Post 168 in Barnesville and marked to the attention of Warner.

For more information, contact Warner at (740) 238-0303 or Secretary Joe Brown at (740) 312-0023.