Barnesville Hospital and the Village of Barnesville recently collaborated in an effort to improve the health of the village employees.

Raquel McGee, Barnesville Hospital Exercise Physiologist, performed flexibility testing at the Barnesville Senior Citizens Center for the employees of the Village of Barnesville. Flexibility, defined as ones total range of motion of a joint or a group of joints, is one of the major components of physical fitness. Good flexibility will help prevent injuries at home, at the workplace, or during exercise. Stretching daily will improve ones flexibility and it only takes a few minutes a day to see improvements. The employees of the Village of Barnesville were instructed in proper stretching techniques.

They were given safety tips on how to lift properly, as well as the benefits of good posture.

Barnesville Hospitals successful Employee Wellness Program continues to serve the community by providing information and collaboration on healthy living.

The Barnesville Hospital employee wellness program recently concluded a nine-week basketball league for employees, families and friends.

Currently a hiking club is being organized to meet at the Barnesville Memorial Park and hike the trails and roads in the Barnesville area. If interested in participating, contact (740) 425-5158.

Barnesville Hospital serves as an advocate in improving the wellness of people in our community and this is a part of the quality services which earned Barnesville Hospital recognition as a HealthStrong Award Winner.

In the first comprehensive rating of Critical Access Hospitals, Barnesville Hospital was recognized by iVantage Health Analytics as one of the top 100 Critical Access Hospitals in the nation. This tremendous honor is based on 56 performance indicators including quality, outcomes, patient perspective, affordability, and efficiency.

For more information about Barnesville Hospital and its services, visit the Web site at Barnesville Hospital, find us on Facebook at Barnesville Hospital Association, Inc., or call (740) 425-5158.