Carolyn Stanley has been teaching since the fall of 1973 and is now retiring. She taught her first year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but since then she has been at Barnesville Elementary School. She has taught first through fourth grades and Special Education.

She said that Barnesville schools have evolved while she has taught here. The class sizes have evolved from big to small.

Her most memorable moment teaching was when she went on the trip to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History. She loved seeing the kids' faces when they came from underneath the tunnel and into a big city. Some had never seen skyscrapers before.

She keeps in touch with some students. A lot of times though, she just sees them around, like in the grocery store. Most of the time she doesn't recognize them because they have grown up. She does maintain friendships with a lot of her students' parents, though.

For Stanley, Barnesville is her hometown. She was born in Illinois and lived her childhood in Philadelphia. She has been in Barnesville for 37 years. She has never had children but she has a goddaughter.

At first, she was scared of retiring because she didn't know if she would have anything to do. But she wants to go back to school to learn Spanish so she can speak to her goddaughter's family. She also might want to go to Ecuador and teach English as a second language.

She has honestly loved teaching.

"I love the growth from the beginning to the end of the year," she said. "I love seeing how the students learn throughout. I love seeing that light bulb go off and knowing that I helped them with that."

We will miss you, Mrs. Stanley!