Bonnie Detling retires after 26 years of teachingBonnie Detling is retiring from her educational career this year. She has been teaching for Barnesville Schools for 26 years now. She has taught many classes including English, Special Education and Reading Recovery. Detling has been the advisor for the Student Athletic Association, a National Honors Society advisor, and the assistant track and cross country coach for the girls. Detling is also involved in many community service activities with her husband Tom, the former preacher of the First United Methodist Church. Detling's favorite part of teaching was the kids. Her favorite memories are ones that dealt with the children she taught. One memory she recalled is of a child in her Special Education class in the Elementary School. Her student wanted to have a part in the Christmas play. He tried out for the play and did very well. Detling assigned his reading instruction as working on his parts for the play. Her student learned all of his lines and sang a song beautifully. "I don't know who was more proud of him, his mom or me," Detling says as she remembers the play. Another memory was of a student in her Reading Recovery class. She was Detling's very first student and was a struggling reader. As the student completed the program, her reading had improved wonderfully. This particular student even became the valedictorian of her graduating class! Other memories of Detling's include the friendships she has made with her fellow staff members. Throughout many different situations, they were always supporting each other. "I have made friendships that I will cherish the rest of my life," Detling said. In her retirement, Detling plans to spend time with friends and family, including her three daughters, nine grandkids, one great-grandchild and husband, retired minister Rev. Tom Detling. She also plans to spend time at the lake and travel. Detling will be greatly missed!