So far there has been no other politicians or candidates that have trespassed on my property. I think my barking dog and the posted signs have warned them, or maybe it is just plain simple respect for peoples property.

So is it that Mr. Charlie Bean believes that he is above the law or is it just his ignorance of the law that caused him to violate my home? How is Mr. Bean superior to everyone else that he does not have to obey the law? Plus why hasn't the county arrested Mr. Bean for trespassing on my property, as that I filed a complaint with the sheriff and the prosecutor?

I am starting to suspect preferential treatment by the county, so back to a simple concept because of Mr. Bean, why bother to have laws and judges. This current situation just proves that we don't need to have a legal system unless it applies to everybody in an equally protective manner.

Plus if Mr. Bean is elected to the position of being a judge, any person who commits a criminal act can apologize and walk away from any other punishment. Thats what Charlie did.

Jerry Smith, PhD.
Somerton, Ohio