Jay Tingle, food service, building and grounds and transportation director, updated the Barnesville Exempted District School Board on efforts to streamline the school's food service program by implementing a color-coded, five-week meal plan that would result in similar menus at all three buildings.

At the board's Nov. 19 meeting, Tingle said the new plan will be implemented in 2010 after the Christmas break and will make ordering and serving lunches easier for cafeteria staff.

Tingle said there would be some variation between the buildings, as some menu items that are popular with older students (such as sloppy joes) are not favored by elementary school lunch buyers.

"We want to be profitable and we want to serve kids what they like," Tingle said.

High School band and choir director Jessica Wiseman approached the board for approval for a choir trip to New York City planned for the end of May, 2010.

Wiseman said she expected 20 students to participate. There was some question about the return date of the trip, now scheduled for May 30, which is also graduation day.

After much discussion, Superintendent Randy Lucas said that Wiseman will need to decide if the trip is a school trip or a choir booster's trip. If the trip is being sponsored by the choir boosters, the board does not have to approve it. If the school sponsors the trip, the district will have certain obligations. Lucas said that because the trip is occurring in the summer, after school is out, it would probably not be a school trip, however, he urged Wiseman to keep him informed of trip details.

The Board of Education went into executive session to consider demotion or compensation of a public employee or official and preparing for, conducting or reviewing negotiations or bargaining sessions with public employees concerning their compensation or other terms and conditions of their employment.

The board approved the following treasurer's recommendations:

* FINSUM report for month ended October 31, 2009;

* Amending SM1 report for month ended October 31, 2009 and;

* The following donations for the month of October: Belmont Savings Bank to Class of 2010-Hog Roast, $50; Kelly-Kemp-Braido Funeral Home to Class of 2010-Hog Roas, $25; Walmart Distribution Center to Class of 2011 Chicken BBQ, $250; Green Valley Co-Op to FFA, $219; Belmont Carson Petroleum, Class of 2010-Hog Roast, $50; Class of 1954 to elementary school for bench and Columbus Foundation to elementary playground, $5,000.

The board approved Robert Tyler Brown and Jenny Hunkler-Ebert as substitute teachers . Jennifer Castello was approved as a substitute aide.

Barbara Faldowski was approved as a Middle After-School Intervention Tutor. Robert Tyler Brown was hired as an educational tutor.

Chris Hannahs was approved as a volunteer assistant boys' basketball Coach. John Jefferis and Jonathan Barker were approved as volunteer assistant wrestling coaches.

The board approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Barnesville Board of Education and the Barnesville Education Association regarding Progress Book and a Field Experiences Agreement between the Barnesville Board of Education and the University of Cincinnati for the 2009-2010 school year.

The Close-Up trip to Washington D.C. on April 18, 2010 through April 23, 2010 (alternate date is April 25, 2010 through April 30, 2010), was approved. Payment will be made through the Close-Up Program.

The board also approved the 2010 Senior Class trip to Disney World, Orlando, Florida, on March 30, 2010 through April 3, 2010.