Barnesville has another connection to Hollywood as Tyler Trucking Inc. of Barnesville has leased four trucks for use in the movie "Unstoppable," parts of which were filmed in Martins Ferry.

Owner Bruce Woodland said he was first asked to move the trucks which he leases to Lash Paving on First Street in Martins Ferry. Then movie producers asked to lease the trucks for use in the movie.

Woodland said "Tyler Trucking, Barnesville," will be visible on the truck and should be seen by movie goers when the film, directed by Tony Scott, is released in 2010. Woodland said the Ohio was covered, because the movie, about a "rail company frantically working to prevent and unmanned, half-mile long freight train carrying combustible liquid and poisonous gas from wiping our a city" is set in another state. The screen play was written by Mark Bomback.

Tyler Trucking, in business for 11 years, is named for Woodland's grandson Tyler Gahagan, who is a third grade student at Barnesville Elementary School. The trucking company hauls asphalt, stone and top soil.

On Friday, Nov. 21, Woodland was on the set watching train scenes.

"It has been interesting to see the (movie making) process," he said. "It is really something to see."

Woodland said he met many of the stars who include Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson and Kevin Dunn. Woodland said he also met Washington's stand in and his stunt man.

Being on the scene of Unstoppable was not Woodland's first brush with celebrities. He was a zamboni driver for the Wheeling Nailers and has provided security for country music stars.

He said filming in Martins Ferry was wrapping up that weekend, with the final filming to be completed Dec. 21. Woodland said the film cost $110 million to produce.

Unstoppable to be released in 2010, was also shot in Bellaire, Steubenville, Bridgeport, other parts of Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

Other films with scenes shot in the area have included the documentary Waiting For Real Life, Martins Ferry; Silence of the Lambs, Bellaire; Deer Hunter, Reckless, The Journey and the made-for-television movie Heart of Steel, Steubenville.