In the September 2009 editon of Pipeline and Gas Technology magazine is an article by Dr. Bruce Beauboef, Ph.D. Editor of the magazine, that shows the plans for the Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company.

The Tennessee Pipeline will go thru Ohio from Kentucky and West Virginia, meet up with the Rockies Express Pipeline here in the Ohio Valley and then travel thru Pennsylvania on it's way to service the east coast.

It is this writer's opinion that we need to be much better organized and act with one voice. If the Farm Bureau does not wish to act as the organizer, there is always the Farmer's Union in Ottawa, Ohio, as well as their national organization. Our members of Congress should know that we the land owners want to be treated fairly, appropriately and in the interest of all the people of their constituency. Law Enforcement should not be blinded by a company spokes person saying that this is a federal matter, when no "federal certificate" has been issued, so that all of the state and local laws will be enforced in the interest of the people of the Ohio Valley.

Our auditors and other tax collecting government agencies need to get their act together with a tax that is similar to the West Virginia Transport Tax they is placed upon "utility" companies that just pass through their state. There could be much needed revenue for schools and our area in general, if our local leaders can get laws and regulations passed in short order.

If Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company is not willing to put their words and guarantees in writing then we should not allow them on our property or in our valley, no matter what the federal government says. This is our home.

Jerry Smith, PhD.
Somerton, Ohio