Last week's Belmont County Fair marked the last year for the Bonnie Beefers 4-H food stand.

For over 50 years, the club has served up its famous "Bonnie Burger," a double cheeseburger with a hint of sweetness. They will not be moving to the new fair grounds.

The club has been around for 62 years and started serving food at the fair in a tent. Members come from all over Belmont County.

Club co-advisor Becky Betts said the club has always maintained a stand near the barns so that they could best serve the 4-H kids and their families involved in the livestock shows.

Plans for the new Belmont County fairgrounds include a central food court. Betts said their club, as well as the St. Clair Ruritan and the Methodist Men have chosen not to move to the new fairgrounds next year.

Betts said the club would also have to build a new building for the food stand. She said the club may have reconsidered its decision, if they could have a spot near the barns.

She said the money raised from the food stand is used by club members for community service projects. Betts said many groups help run the stand, as the members are busy with their projects. This year, the St. Clairsville High School junior class helped and in return, received half of the profits.

Lisa DeNoble said over the years, the club has also supported many projects at the fair including the steer barn, 4-H endowment fund and restrooms. The club also gives food vouchers to livestock buyers.

"Our goal was to give back to the 4-H kids and their families," DeNoble said. "We kept prices low and affordable for the families while promoting the kids and their projects."

"The new fair will be different for us," DeNoble said.

Betts said the closing of the stand will also affect J-Mo meats in Barnesville, where the club purchased its hamburger.

"We would like to thank our supporters over the years," Betts said. "It is sad. Everyone who comes to the fair comes to our stand. People have told me, 'you are the fair,'" Betts said.