Barnesville student art honored at Belmont County High School Art Show

The 2009 Belmont County High School Art Show was held on April 23-26 at the J.C. Penney Concourse in the Ohio Valley Mall. The following schools that contract for gifted services through the Belmont County Educational Service Center had artwork on display: Barnesville, Bellaire, Bridgeport, Harrison Hills, Martins Ferry, Shadyside, and St. Clairsville.

First through fifth place awards were given in the following categoryies: Drawing, Painting, 3-Dimensional, Photo/Computer, and Mixed Media/Print Making. From these category awards the first through fifth place Best of Show Awards were given. Also, first through fifth place Teachers' Choice Awards and Merit Awards were assigned.

The public had the opportunity to vote on their favorite piece of artwork. The piece that received the most votes from the public was awarded the Peoples' Choice Award. Creativity Certificates were issued to various displays upon the discretion of the teachers. All students received a Certificate of Participation.

The teachers' choice awards for Barnesville went to: Carly Starr, clay; Gage Hanlon, film; Samantha Jefferis, "Oranges"; Katy Stephen, "Melanie" and Taylor Cameron, "Balancing Act."

Best of Show went to Gage Hanlon for his film.

The following artists received Merit Awards: Kara Kenzora, "Hanging By a Thread"; Courtney Moulder, "Garfield"; Samantha Jefferis, "Oranges"; Zach Porter, "Trip to Dallas"; Alex Wright "Eyes on the Faves"; Ryan Garloch, "Ink House," Rebecca Graham, "Sunny Bridge" and "Introverted"; Kate Poland, "Bag"; Courtney Wilson, "Clover" and "Fall Leaves and Flowers"; Jesse Johnson, "Room in Bed" and "Morrison"; Marck Schwender, untitled video; Justin Huffman, untitled video; Ashley Reese, "Friends"; Summer Kagala, "Drawing Ink"; Austin Watkins, "Leopard"; Tyler Poling, "Joker"; Kale Poland, "Barbed Wire"; Aaron Clark, "Writing"; Jenna Hall, "Photo Flower"; Leah Rader, "Smashed Cans"; Ashly Nice, "Gretchen"; Brooke Meintel, "On the Water"; Courtney Underwood, "Shane With Flowers"; Amy Bednar, Sam's Sad Flower"; Rebecca Tomlinson, "Pond Lily"; Alex Wright, "Martin's Halloween Party"; Trina Habig, "No Evil"; Brandi Leasure, "My Life"; Cody Frye, "Blue Hand Man"; Stephanie Morgan, "Movie Poster"; Tyler Sells, "Train Wheel"; Cameron Taylor, "Balancing Act" and Kayla Truax, "Katie."

Winners in the painting category were: first place, Katie Haring, "Chronic"; second place, Jesse Johnson, "Rough Skin Testosterone"; third place, Rebecca Graham, "Sugar Coma"; fourth place, Brittany Rife "Catastrophe" and fifth place, Zach Porter, "Zach Was Here."

Winners in the drawing category were: first place, John Barker; second place, Brittany Rife; third place, Zach Porter; fourth place, Courtny Moulder and fifth place, Aaron Clark.

Winners in the 3-dimensional category were: first place, Carly Starr; second place Megan Phillips; third place, Kylie Becca; fourth place Rebeca Loury and fifth place, Carly Starr.

Winners in the mixed media/print making category were: first place, Alex Wright; second place, Rebecca Graham; third place, Jo Conkle; fourth place, Trina Habig and fifth place, Zach Paton.

Winners in the photo-computer category were: first place, Gage Hanlon; second place, Lauran Burdette; third place, Gage Hanlon; fourth place, Jenna Hall and fifth place, Lauren Burdette.