Middle school's 'Seussical' May 1-2

The Barnesville Middle School choir presents a play of words

With elephants, grinches, and one-feathered birds

There will be singing and dancing in our musical

What will it be? One word Seussical

Dr. Seuss was a wonderful man

Who doesn't like books like Green Eggs and Ham

There's the Lorax, Red Fish, the Cat in the Hat too

And who could forget Horton Hears A Who?

At this point it would be good to say

Our musical is the first and second day of May

Tickets go on sale soon

So come join us as we sing you a tune

Dustin Kettlewell stars as Horton

He'll be the story's hero for certain

Jon Reynard and Hanna Lucas are the first family of Who

And Laura Faldowski as Jo-Jo dreams of Salla Sollow

Gertrude McFuzz is played by the most talented child

We're please to announce you'll see Annika Wildes

Rachel Wehr will play Mayzie

Her abandoned egg drives poor Horton crazy

And what cat is under the red and white hat

Why it's Jeff Hart, just imagine that

He's not the only troublemaker that's true

Shalenna Lucas is the sour Kangaroo

The rest of our students play the residents of Who

Or citizens of the jungle near the river of Walloo

The jungle is the happiest place

Every cat, bird and monkey has a smile on their face

But on Who there's trouble, yes trouble galore

Melissa Meyers as a general sends Whos marching to war

Will Horton hatch his egg or Jo-Jo save the day

To find out you'll have to come to our play