BARNESVILLE -- When Barnesville Village Council held its November meeting, Councilman Dale Bunting informed council members that the Finance Committee is proposing a 30 cent per hour pay increase for full-time village employees beginning in 2009. Bunting asked members to consider the pay raise.

Mayor Tom Michelli said one of the reasons behind the proposed increase is that the minimum wage for part-time employees will increase 25 cents per hour in 2009.

In another personnel issue, council approved a request from Bunting to purchase $1,750 in Barnesville Gold for village employees.

"It is a nice gesture on our part," Bunting said of the yearly gift.

Bunting also informed council members that he and Village Administrator Roger Deal revised the village's drug free workplace policy. Members were presented with copies of both the original policy dating from 1991 and the revised version for consideration.

Deal said 131,000 gallons of sludge was removed from the waste water treatment plant. He said it was the third removal in 2008.

Council approved the following ordinances: a pay ordinance for $126,240.31; fiscal year 2008 Codifications and an amendment to the annual appropriations ordinance for $82, 821.36.

Council approved the village's yearly membership in the Ohio Municipal League for $801 and a switch in worker's compensation services.