The Barnesville Mothers Club hosted Andrew Stewart and Dixie at their meeting. It was very exciting to see what Dixie has been trained to do for her job. At the meeting they learned some facts about Andrew and Dixie.

Officer Stewart is 24 years old and was born and raised in northwest Ohio. He graduated from Antwerp High School 2011 (bottom of his class.) He graduated from Vantage Police Academy 2015 (first in his class.) Andrew worked for Antwerp PD, Paulding PD, and Hicksville PD before accepting an offer for full-time employment at Barnesville PD in July 2016. He accepted an offer to lead the K-9 unit in September 2016.

To become certified as a K9 handler. Dixie and Andrew trained eight hours a day for seven weeks with the Police K9 Association in Canton, Ohio. They passed the state certification test on November 2, 2016. They continue to train 16 hours a month in Canton with PK9A to meet federal requirements. There are 18 different departments that train with PK9A. Dixie is a three-year-old German Shepherd. Typically, K-9s work about nine to 10 years before being retired, they are looking forward to many more years together as partners. Dixie is considered to be a multi-purpose K-9, as she is trained for drug detection, tracking, and suspect apprehension. Dixie is one of the few female K-9s in Belmont County. There are a lot of tools and equipment needed to keep Dixie sharp and performing at her best.

Donations from our community and neighboring communities go a long way toward helping the Barnesville Police Department manage the expenses associated with the K-9 unit. Dixie and Andrew are very grateful to serve such a wonderful community, and they would like to thank the Barnesville Mothers Club for accommodating the K9 demonstration.

If any groups or organizations would be interested in scheduling a K-9 demonstration, or for more information about donating to the Barnesville Police K-9 Unit, please contact the Barnesville Police Department at (740)425-1976 and speak with Officer Andrew Stewart.