The Morristown Mt. Climbers 4-H Club held their first meeting of the year on January 17 at Union Local Elementary School. Abby West brought the meeting to order with pledges given. Devotions were said by Brooke Pritts who read "Sunset".

Members were to look over their Family Guide Book and decide what project theyw ant to take this year. They were also reminded that 4-H Under Construction was Feb. 18, 2017 at ULMS.

Quality Assurance was also discussed and reports given for the meeting included: "Tornados" by Abby West, "Litter and its Factors" by Amy Hissrich, and "Nutrition Tips for Baseball Players" by Tyler Gummere. Refreshments were furnished by Mollie Hamilton.

Officers were elected for the new 4-H year and include: President, Amy Hissrich; Vice President, Abby West; Secretary, Abby West; Treasurer, Brooke Bianciarelli; News Reporter, Tyler Gummere; Scrapbook, Brooke Bianciarelli and Taylor Pritts; Health, Amy Hissrich; Safety, Sydney Pritts; Energy, Brooke Bianciarelli; Litter, Taylor Pritts; Devotions, Abby West; Demonstrations, Brooke Bianciarelli; Refreshments, Tyler Gummere and Recreaation, Austin Taylor.