Keeping the extra pounds away during the holiday season can be a real challenge. Holiday gatherings and celebrations can make sensible eating a struggle. Could you use some encouragement and guidance but don’t have time to attend classes? Give our Zero Holiday Weight Gain wellness challenge a try.      
“Zero Holiday Weight Gain Challenge” is an on-line program designed to help participants stay healthy by encouraging regular exercise, good nutrition, and wellness practices during the upcoming holiday season.
Each week participants will receive free weekly e-communications, containing nutrition, health and fitness tips.  In addition, food and activity logs will be available for download to help participants track their progress. Pre- and post- online-survey assessments are used to collect comments to improve future challenges and track participant progress. All participant information is kept confidential.
If you are interested in participating in this on-line challenge, sign up by following this link to enroll .  You will begin receiving e-communications starting the week of November 25.  Participants only need to have an email address to participate. For more information, contact Polly Loy at 740-695-1455,