Belmont County Farm Bureau officially kicked-off the 2013 membership campaign on January 29 at Meadowbrook High School, Byesville. Approximately 290 people attended the multi-county event to plan and organize their campaigns.

Our membership workers are very excited about our campaign to target new farmer members and landowners and we are contacting a lot of members and getting their input on issues, said Don Carpenter, president of Belmont County Farm Bureau.

Brenda Hoskinson and Carol Carpenter are leading the membership campaign and provided volunteers with the materials and support needed to carry out the membership drive. The kick-off also reviewed Farm Bureaus accomplishments from 2012 and provide membership workers with information they can use to answer questions about Farm Bureau.

Carpenter said that Farm Bureau works extensively at the community, state and national levels for policies that will forge a partnership between farmers and consumers that meets consumer needs and ensures agricultural prosperity in a global marketplace. Farm Bureau was instrumental in securing Current Agricultural Use Values (CAUV) for taxation.

Hoskinson said last year the Belmont County Farm Bureau signed lots of new members, bring the total membership in the county to 1,596. Belmont County Farm Bureau has been very visible at many local activities such as sponsoring CAUV meetings, the square dance at the county fair and Oil and Gas meetings.

Belmont County Farm Bureau is part of the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and its more than 214,400 members. In addition to representing agriculture in statewide legislative and public policy issues, Ohio Farm Bureau also offers a variety of money-saving member benefits that more than pay for the annual membership dues, Hoskinson said. Visit our website