WHEELING, W.Va. The newest and most advanced electronic system that enhances how women and their unborn babies are monitored during delivery is in use at Wheeling Hospitals Obstetrical Department.

Wheeling Hospital is the only health care facility in the region using the new PeriCALM Plus, designed to increase patient safety and decrease risks during the birthing process.

Our obstetricians and birthing staff are very busy delivering more than 1,000 babies per year. Regardless of whether it would be one birth or 1,000, we are committed to reducing risks during delivery. This new technology is the latest example, said Ron Violi, Wheeling Hospital chief executive officer.

The technology actually was introduced at the Association of Womens Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN) recent annual convention. While several hospitals across the country are evaluating the system, Wheeling Hospital has already put it in place.

PeriCALM Plus is part of the clinical decision support tools we have added to the Womens Services Department to assist doctors and nurses in providing safe care to this population of laboring mothers and unborn babies, said Datha Keyser, Wheeling Hospitals manager of Womens and Pediatric Services

The software allows the medical staff to monitor contractions and fetal heart rate, ensuring that the physicians and nurses can carefully gauge changes in the mothers labor progress, the strength of her contractions and the babys reaction to her contractions over long periods of time, to provide the best outcome. It also enables the staff to watch the fetal monitor screen on the bedside computer and provide appropriate documentation and interventions simultaneously.

Keyser said, Care of the laboring patient is a complex process that is highly subjective. PeriCALM Plus allows us to use advanced mathematical modeling, algorithms and statistics to decreases the chance of human error.

This is a tool that will be used to provide a high level of patient safety and reduce patient risk.

Matt Sappern, chief executive officer of PeriGen, the maker of PeriCALM Plus, said, Our goal is to support efforts to improve perinatal outcomes for mothers and babies by creating innovative, intuitive technologies that directly impact the quality of care. PeriCALM Plus represents the next generation of perinatal systems.