On Saturday, May 6 the Village of Belmont will be having its annual yard sale. The times for each sale will extend from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for most sellers.

The village will prepare a street map with locations that are having a yard sale. If the residents of the Village of Belmont would like their yard sale publicized on the map, they should call Secretary Bobbie Moore at the Village's Water office, M-F from 9-noon at 740-484-1989. Please give Bobbie your name, the street number location of the yard sale, times for your sale, and a brief description of what will be available for purchase.

All information MUST be forwarded to Bobbie NO LATER than Wednesday, May 3 at noon. Anything after that date or time will NOT be on the map.

Completed Maps for the Yard Sales will be available to the public on the town's Bulletin Board (located next to the post office), in the Post Office and at a few other locations on the day of the sale.