The Singing Mayhughs performing at festival on Sunday

The Singing Mayhughs, with the Forlorn River Band, will be performing on the Main Street Stage, immediately following the Fiddle and Banjo Contest, starting approximately 2:30 p.m. or 3 p.m., On Sunday, Sept. 27.

The group is comprised of Jim on rhythm guitar and vocals, along with the M.C. work and just maybe a few jokes. Ruth plays fiddle and mandolin and sings lead and harmony. Paul Houston, from Bethesda plays five string banjo and Randy Timko of St. Clairsville plays bass and sings some harmony. Dan (Shultz) Schumann, as special guest, will be doing some fancy pickin on the guitar and singing some lead and harmony.

The Mayhugh's, with the Forlorn River Band are one once again looking forward to seeing all their friends and fans night after the Fiddle and Banjo Contest. Ya all come out and have a good time with the Forlorn River Band.