Emory Rothenbuhler and Sons Trucking of Beallsville purchased the record-setting King Pumpkin at the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival at auction Saturday evening for $7,500. Pictured are members of the Rothenbuhler family along with Festival Queen Alana Trigg. The Barnesville Pumpkin Festival is a member of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth. The GPC is a worldwide organization that regulates the fairness of competition, recognizes achievements and promotes the education of cultivating giant pumpkins. Currently, the 2,150-pound King Pumpkin grown by Todd and Donna Skinner of Barnesville is the largest pumpkin grown in the whole world this year as recorded by GPC associated members. In October, the three largest pumpkins in the nation will be displayed in New York at the New York Botanical Garden, and the growers are eligible for prizes, including a trip to New York. The deadline for this year's entries is Oct. 10, which still gives other festivals time to enter a larger pumpkin.